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If you do not think you will have sufficient money for the funeral, the Social Fund may be able to help you. The Social Fund is part of the Social Security.

You may receive help if you are responsible for arranging the funeral and if you or your partner qualifies.

A funeral payment from the Social Fund will not cover the cost of a funeral account therefore the person responsible for arranging the funeral must take full responsibility for the funeral account and must cover the shortfall in the Social Fund payment.

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This list is intended to give you an example of the costs usually incurred when arranging a funeral service, it is not meant be an exhaustive list of all charges and disbursements, as it is not possible to itemise the cost of every potential service and disbursement.

Click here for the basic cost of our Simplicity Service

Our Simplicity Service offers greater affordability by reducing the arrangements we make on your behalf but whilst still ensuring a dignified funeral is achieved.

Click here for the basic cost of our Simplicity Plus Service

Our Simplicity Plus Service offers all the affordability of the Simplicity Service, but by holding the service in one of our Chapels of Rest, free of charge, it allows the family or next of kin to take advantage of a lower crematon cost offerred by the crematoriums when no one is in attendance at the crematorium.

Click here for the basic cost of our Requisite Service

Our Requisite Service offers the ultimate in affordability, and is a simple non-attendance cremation with no funeral service in advance, when merely the dignified cremation of a loved one is required.

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