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There has been a good deal of publicity recently about Fair Trade coffins, with the announcement from Co-operative Funeralcare that they are launching “fairly traded” coffins in the UK and that they are the first company to do so.

Whilst we are delighted that Co-operative Funeralcare have decided to take a more environmentally responsible approach, we did notice that much of what was proclaimed was misleading and some just plain wrong.

As a valued customer, we felt it important that you were made aware of the facts, so that when your customers ask you about Fair Trade coffins you can give them the best advice.

Ecoffins started manufacturing bamboo coffins in 1999 and is the only World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) manufacturer of coffins in the world. We were accredited as a member of the WFTO in 2007 following two rigorous independent assessments of our factory in China. This allows us to use the WFTO logo, providing a guarantee that we are Fair Trade suppliers. Additionally, all the companies which we buy products from outside the EU are also fully accredited members of the WFTO.

This is absolutely not the case with those coffins Co-operative Funeralcare will now be selling. Their manufacturers are not WFTO accredited and therefore will not be able to claim Fair Trade status for their bamboo or willow coffins. They should also not make claims that imply that they are the first to do this in the UK.

Copies of the WFTO assessors report on our own factory can be viewed here If any of your customers wish to check these credentials they may do so by visiting the WFTO website

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